Ctm berlin

CTM in May @ WeWork Potsdamer Platz

How I learned to stop worrying and love record and playback

Dave Haeffner, Software Developer, Applitools

Record and playback tools like Selenium IDE have a stigma attached to them in our industry – they’re not worth your time, they produce tests that are impossible to maintain, and they’re only for non-technical people. But with the new Selenium IDE, that’s all just a bad rap. In this talk Dave Haeffner will squash the stigma by showing you examples of how Selenium IDE can reliably augment and level-up your testing practice regardless of your team’s test automation maturity or your level of technical experience. He’ll also share how he went from a record-and-playback naysayer to a Selenium IDE maintainer.


​Dave is an active member of the Selenium community and a full-time maintainer of Selenium IDE. He is also the author of Elemental Selenium (a free, once weekly tip newsletter on how to use Selenium like a pro) and The Selenium Guidebook (a guide on how to use Selenium successfully).

Cognitive approach to software quality - decode your brain

Aleksandra Kornecka, Software Quality Assurance Engineer, OLX Group

Let’s talk about quality with cognitive approach to software development life cycle! When or where the quality starts in your opinion? How do you perceive your code before you write a line of code? I invite you for a meeting with cognitive approach to software development. During the talk I will share my approach to quality assurance that allows me to minimize the human factor bugs. Meet some cognitive science useful to deal with daily work with software and various people who create software.


Software Quality Assurance Engineer and certified tester. Passionate about quality process, UX and IA. MSc. in Cognitive Science. Non-profit activist, international conferences speaker and social media ninja. Proud leader and co-founder of Girls Who Test meetup and group (not for girls only!).