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CTM in June @ WeWork Stralauer Allee

Park & Ride – The road to tests

Sanja Batkovic, Lead Software Engineer at HERE Technologies

Testing products where the baseline is known are almost not challenging. But what to do when you need to test a product where no baseline exists yet? How to test a product that no one else made before? How to compare and measure the quality of the test results in that situation? Sometimes testing against the expected behavior is not the right solution. In this talk I will show ideas how to approach this challenge.


Sanja is currently working as a Lead Software Engineer in Test of the Urban Mobility team at HERE Technologies. Together with highly motivated people she ensures high quality for all the products her team is creating. For six years she has been professionally involved in solving testing requirements in multiple high-profile companies. Applying test driven methodologies and introducing long-term testing solutions. Her focus is on backend testing and she is always seeking new challenges.

But They Worked Locally … How To Fix Flaky Tests On The Real Device Cloud

Daniel Paulus, Senior Software Engineer at Sauce Labs

The most challenging aspect of running tests on a real device cloud is the multitude of possible failures. It could be that the test is inherently flaky, because writing reliable UI tests is hard. It could be that the app actually has a bug. It is possible that there is an unreliable device on the cloud or on very rare occasions, you could have discovered a bug in the real device platform. What you will see is that your tests always passed on your local device(s) but suddenly fail on the cloud.


Daniel Paulus is Senior Software Engineer at the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud for continuous, automated testing. With his team he works on the low level internals of Android and iOS devices to help Sauce Labs deliver market-leading performance. Daniel previously held roles as developer, team leader, IT manager and project manager during his 13-year career as an officer in the German Military.