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CTM in October @ WeWork Stralauer Allee

Extending Robot Framework with custom Keywords - presenting possibilities of a versatile testing framework

Nils Balkow-Tychsen, Senior QA Engineer at Humanitec

Building a test suite for developers PaaS integrating GitHub, Kubernetes, Drone CI, and other APIs is an interesting challenge. I’ll go into detail how I integrated APIs and python libraries to make them available as BDD driven end to end tests.


Nils is a Senior QA Engineer at Humanitec. Working in software testing for more than 20 years. In different industries like finance, games and developer platforms. Lately specializing in testing web apps based on Microservice architectures.


Optimizing iOS Startup Performance and Analyzing Its Internals

Umut Uzgur, Senior Software Engineer at Sauce Labs

How to optimize iOS startup performance by passing the right capabilities and explaining where the bottlenecks are coming from. We will show which components Appium is using for iOS testing. Then, we will try different combinations of capabilities and explain which one is faster why by going a bit into Xcode details. The talk will also cover what Appium is planning in the future for speeding this up further.


Continuous Testing and Mobile DevOps

Moataz Nabil, Senior SDET/Test Automation Engineer at Delivery Hero

Build your Mobile CI/CD pipeline in a few steps

Mobile DevOps is a practice of bringing the different disciplines involved in developing, testing, releasing, and operating software into being functional inside organizations or by a team that works closely together. The team is able to continuously deliver their product based on continuous feedback and iteration. There are different practices, habits and different flavors of adopted company cultures that set the behavior for an actual process and daily doing.

In this talk, we’ll take a look at the most common and widely accepted Mobile DevOps using Bitrise and building our own Android/iOS CI/CD pipeline from scratch.