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CTM in December @ myToys

Special thank you to myToys for hosting and sponsoring food and drinks!

The Changing Role of the Test Manager

Aksana Matulskaya, Managing IT-Consultant at trendig

While in traditional organizations test managers usually perform such activities as controlling testing process, assigning tasks to testers, and providing test estimates, in Agile and DevOps projects it’s not the testing group but the whole team who is responsible for the product quality. This shift in perspective leads to the disappearance of the classical role of the test manager. At this Meetup, we will discuss which from the test management activities are still relevant for Agile and DevOps projects, and give insights into new possibilities for “traditional” test managers, using the examples from the real projects.


Aksana is a Managing IT-Consultant at trendig technology services GmbH. She started her career as a tester evolving into a test lead and quality coach. She works with great commitment and enthusiasm for international clients in different industries, helping them find the right test-toolbox solutions and improve the overall testing process. She loves sharing her knowledge and passion for testing.

Modern Testmanagement @myToys

Irina Herlein, Testmanager at myToys

New projects @myToys are often a mix of „Go agile!“ and „All requirements need to be fulfilled in the next few months“. So there you are as a Testmanager in one of those projects. You know the team members who are involved in this project, their roles, and the goal. Then I introduce myself and start talking to developers & a business department about testing. Sometimes I get a lot of questions like: „Testmanager? Go test it by yourself“, „Who needs a Testmanager?“, „Is testing and Testmanagement the same thing?“

Is it possible for you as a Testmanager to handle a lot of projects at the same time? My answer is yes! And it has nothing to do with going agile or stoping one project and starting another one.

In this talk, I will tell you about the modern Testmanagement @myToys, how we went through some storms and what strategies we use.


Irina has been working @myToys for 3 years now. She started as a Tester and now she is working as a Testmanager and is part of the Quality Assurance department. Together with her team, she wants to bring quality to every niche @myToys. Together with two Otto Group members, she organizes Quality Assurance Meetup‘s @Otto.