Ctm berlin

CTM in January @ Contentful

Special thank you to Contentful for hosting and sponsoring drinks and pizza!

Your locators are fragile! Make them strong with test data attributes

Anil Kumar Krishnashetty, IT Consultant at bitgrip Gmbh

Anil will share lessons learned from WebdriverIO automation tests created for the E-commerce application. He will share mistakes to avoid, tools and strategies used to create future-friendly automation tests by creating test data attribute instead of reusing already existing locators.

After this talk, participants will be able to use test data attributes and learn how to involve Product Owner and Frontend Developers to create better locators with test data attributes.


Anil Kumar Krishnashetty is an IT Consultant at bitgrip Gmbh and founder of Berlin Lean Prototyping: a meetup focused on lean, digital prototyping tools & Product discovery techniques based in Berlin. Creator of VoiceX, a low fidelity prototyping tool for the voice interface. He is a Frontend Architect with 10+ years of experience, worked as UX & Frontend developer for companies including SAP, Canto, Sapient & He has been speaking, writing about rapid prototyping tools, running and facilitating prototyping workshops.


Contract Testing from the trenches

Enrique Amodeo, Senior Full Stack Engineer at Contentful & Sergiy Tupchiy, Software Developer in Test at Contentful

Contract testing in a green field project may be easy to implement, but when you try to transition to it in an already existing platform the things get tricky. We will talk about all the unexpected things that did happen to us when we started moving away from end to end testing towards contract testing using PACT. We will see how we were solving the obstacles that we encountered and how this lead sometimes to other problems. From gaps in the tooling as it is to the necessity of changing development workflows.

If you are planning to use PACT for contract testing in a non green field project this talk will make you aware of the main practical obstacles that you may find, and some ideas about how to overcome them.

Bio Enrique

Currently working in Contentful as Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer, Enrique writes highly scalable and resilient micro-services using Scala, JS, Typescript and GraphQL. He has previous extensive experience as an independent consultant and coacher and has worked as a Senior Software Engineer at eBay and as Tech Lead and Engineer Manager at SoundCloud. He has also written a book about testing with JavaScript: “Learning Behavior-Driven Development with JavaScript”

Bio Sergiy

Sergiy is a Software Developer in Test at Contentful. For up to 12 years working in a Software Testing and Test Automation field, building from scratch and optimising an existing software development, testing and delivery processes; mentoring and leading test engineering teams in a small/mid- sized startups as well as in a large enterprise. Mozilla open source community contributor in the past. Passionate about automation on all the levels, productivity, quality, open-source and doing things right.