Ctm berlin

CTM in February @ BITGRIP

Special thank you to BITGRIP for hosting!

Design for Failure

Italo Vietro, Head of Technology LykonDX

Failure has been neglected for quite some time in our industry, but how can we design for failure? And especially, how Go can help us be prepared for the unexpected? In recent years, we’ve been talking more and more about failure and resiliency. This is something that mission-critical systems always had to think of first, but many of our systems (until today) neglect the importance of this. In this talk I would like to talk about how to design a system for failure, what are the pitfalls and gotchas that we have to be prepared in a microservice environment? And most importantly, how Go can help us be prepared for the unexpected?


Personal growth: teaching yourself & learning from the community

Sakhi Mansoor, Frontend Software Engineer, Sauce Labs

How one can use contributions to the community (beyond the usual suspects of open source and tech talks) as a compass for personal and professional growth.