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Self-Management in The Testing Community - Online Meetup

Self-management in the testing community

Paul Walker

Lack of clarity on who needs to test what, getting in trouble for not testing every browser when you had no idea your company was still supporting Internet Explorer 8, or taking the heat for all the bugs on the site even though you told them not to make it live because of said bugs … Many of the common issues traditionally encountered in the workplace are amplified when working remotely. This is no different in the testing community.

Now more than ever, it is of benefit to everyone to work more effectively. I’ll talk about my experience implementing self-management in a Fortune 100 company, how to pinpoint and address some of the most common issues, and how to work in a way that gives you more autonomy while making the entire team and company more productive and efficient.


Paul makes organizational change convenient, he likes to help companies improve their employee experience so that everyone has the opportunity to be happy at work.