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Breakfast & Learn: Lightning Talks at the Continuous Testing Meetup Online

What do birds and software testers have in common?

Łukasz Makuch

If you ever mock REST APIs, you definitely want to join the mighty bird 🐦 in the journey to smash bugs! 🦟 Discover one of the biggest shortcomings of API mocking tools and how to overcome it. Attention! ⚠️ After this talk, you may never look at your mocks the same!

  • Enjoys street photography.
  • Likes books. Loves sunlight.
  • Was called a minimalist a minimal number of times.
  • Turned vegetarian.
  • Also, shipped features relying solely on automated tests. No manual testing whatsoever.

How to create the npm-wrapper for a new driver?

Dzmitry Lemechko - SDET @ Elastic

I’m pretty sure that many people are using webdriver for test automation, and are familiar with drivers that manage the browsers. I will share a quick story on how to create npm-wrapper for a Chromium-based Edge driver, that can be used to download the driver of compatible version and provide paths you need to start a webdriver session.


I have been working in Test Automation/ CI area for around a decade.