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Setting Your Team Up For Success So Anyone Can Write Tests - Online Meetup

Setting Your Team Up For Success So Anyone Can Write Tests

Zach Attas, Lead SDET at ReviewTrackers

Are you the only one contributing to your test suite, because others feel too intimidated to contribute to it?

Have you ever looked at a test fail and not known where to investigate first?

This talk will cover techniques for uncomplicating your test suites, so they can clearly test exactly what’s needed to be tested, and are easy to understand so that anyone can contribute to writing them. When the process of writing tests is shared, everyone has an impact on quality, and that can be quite contagious for a company’s culture.

In addition, this talk will cover techniques for failing transparently, so you will no longer feel the stress of triaging test fails. When tests fail for a specific, clear reason, you’ll be thanking your past self for writing tests that fail transparently, saving you half a day of going down a rabbit hole.


In college, Zach majored in Philosophy and had not written a single line of code in his life. At his first job as a Quality Assurance Analyst, Zach decided to ‘dig under the hood’ and learn to program – and soon became hooked. Now he works at ReviewTrackers in Chicago as their Lead SDET. Zach’s programming education comes from a random assortment of online classes and blog posts, and just digging into problems. When he’s not learning, he’s taking photography classes, improv classes, or cooking something yummy.