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Continuous Feedback with Github Actions - Online Meetup

Continuous Feedback with Github Actions

Aaron Evans, Test Automation & Continuous Delivery Consultant at One Shore

The easier it is to access data, the more valuable it becomes. Running test automation as part of a CI process is great, but to see the results, you either need to go to the CI tool or have reports sent to them (via email or slack, for instance). Your repository is the source of truth for code, it can also be for tests.

I’ll demonstrate how you can use GitHub actions to kick off tests to run in a cloud environment on every pull request and publish the results to the repository, without using a CI server.


I’m a software tester, developer, and technology entrepreneur. My specialty is building test automation with open source tools and cloud services. One Shore is my software development & QA consulting company. If you have a project I might be interested, please let me know.

I work remotely and travel around the world with my family. My latest adventure is building a yurt in the Montana wilderness.