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No Code Apps - Why and how to?

No Code Apps - Why and how to?

Isabel Gárate: Senior Product Manager at Ontruck

Have you ever had a problem or an idea and never got to solve or implement it due to time or resources? Have you listened to endless claims for help for automating certain manual tasks or suffered it yourself? Maybe No Code Tools can help you….

No code tools are those that allow people with no development skills (and those with too) to build software applications without coding. They are a fast alternative to traditional software development for non-necessarily-technical users in the need to build their own apps.

Using no code, you can teach and train your workforce with some tools they will leverage for MVPs, experiments, or processes automation.

Take a first look into No Code, some tools, and how to use them. I will tell you how we saved 10k a month by using some no-code tools.


Senior Product Manager at Ontruck. Product Person - Business oriented Engineer - MBA I am passionate about product, customer problems, design thinking, technology, innovation, and lean startups. I have over 10 years of professional experience in building products, sales, and solution design in both corporate and startups. Trying to contribute to new product and service design and setting up lean startups.