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Mentorships for our QA Engineers & Puppeteer Internals

Why do we do Test Automation Internal Mentorships for our QA Engineers?

Uladzislau Ramanenka: Senior iOS QA Engineer at Bumble

Currently, in the testing industry, there’s an aspiration to learn more about test automation. Drivers may be different: get new skills, ease work tasks, etc. But often, what stops you in this learning is the absence of guidance and assistance. Of course, there are tons of materials online, but what to do with all of them? How to apply the theoretical knowledge?

At the same time, with over half a billion users around the world, Bumble relies a lot on autotests. We wanted to help our QA Engineers to learn Test Automation.

The best way to accomplish it, from our perspective, was to create a Test Automation Internal Mentorships. They allowed our QA Engineers to learn directly from the experts and have a better understanding of how things work. With such practice, our QA engineers became more independent and now handle more complex tasks. What’s more, all the learning is shared among the entire department.

Apart from why we did it, I will also cover:

  • why we invested in autotests;
  • why did we start improving QAs test automation skills;
  • why you may need something different from that internal mentorship.
  • the other ways of learning test automation for you and your team

Join me in this talk and I’ll explain how you can organize your own Internal Mentorships.


I’m passionate about software testing. My experience includes testing mobile Android and iOS apps; websites & backend testing. I have hands-on testing experience within an Agile environment and BDD methodology. ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst.

Puppeteer Internals

Benjamin Gruenbaum, Team Lead at

In this talk, we’ll go over how tools like Puppeteer and Playwright work, what the debugger protocol is, and how it all relates to the “inspect” dev tools.


Working on open source tooling for Puppeteer and Playwright. Node.js core collaborator, MobX/Sinon/Bluebird team member.