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Test process improvement in an agile environment

Test process improvement in an agile environment

Dominique Mühlbauer: Quality Advocate & Agile Evangelist at Trendig

Agile practices are becoming more and more important in software development nowadays. Most companies are using them to achieve a shorter the time-to-market, improved quality or in order to mitigate risk. These advantages are achieved through iterative releases in short cycles, in order to get fast and reliable (customer) feedback. This can be realized, because of the integration of all software development tasks – from the gathering of the user stories, via the coding to testing and deployment – in one process and team. A far spread approach to achieve this is to drive the development via test, which makes testing far more important for the teams as in traditional environments.

But how to improve on the testing practices in an agile environment? This talk presents a lightweight approach for continuous testing improvement, which seamlessly fits in agile practices. This helps teams to analyze and optimize their testing practices, while delivering value to their customers without interruption.


For almost twenty years Dom has been working as an advocate for software quality on almost every continent. In the course of his career, he has brought many large and small to the safe haven of the release and therefore worked in almost all project roles. Whether the software is developed agile or traditional, he knows the procedures and challenges in both worlds and could always find pragmatic solutions to avoid many shoals. He is particularly interested in the opportunities and challenges of the digital transformation and supports his clients in raising the potential of this paradigm shift.