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Growing A Culture of Quality

“Growing A Culture of Quality”

Simon Prior - Head of the Digital Test teams at EasyJet

Long ago was a time where testing was purely seen as an activity by a siloed team who executed 1000’s of tests towards the end of a project. In the modern world, this is still a very real situation in some areas, but on the whole, testing as a collaborative, continuous activity is much more the norm.

But getting to that stage is not easy, for some reason, there has historically been a stigma attached to testing as a lesser activity that slows the release of a project down and changing this mindset is a huge obstacle to get over.

In places where testing is perceived in a negative light, it is possible to move forward, but it will take hard work and use of the power of persuasion, while coaching and building collaborative best practices which a whole range of tech teams can buy into.

In this talk, I will walk through ways to get Testing at the table for discussions and build a culture of Quality where the business accepts the value that testing brings and helps fight our corner when needed. This ultimately comes down to communication in the right ways and showing the value that Testing can bring to a situation.


Simon is heading up the Digital test teams at EasyJet. In his career he has worked in various roles across IT from C++ developer, Scrum Master, Build Engineer before finally finding his passion in Testing. He’s worked in various domains from CyberSecurity, Gaming/Gambling and now the Airline industry.

He has a keen interest in finding ways to improve the testing process and ensuring products are released with the highest possible quality. He also loves coaching/mentoring his team to be the best they can, enabling them to use all possible tools and skills to get their job done to the best of their ability

Simon is a well known speaker and meetup organiser in the Software Testing world, a Podcast co-host (check out and also a keen advocate for companies to consider Neurodiversity as part of their inclusion programmes.