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Shifting Quality To App-first @ La Redoute

“Shifting Quality To App-first @ La Redoute”

Antoine Craske

La Redoute is a company with 180 years of history. It is mainly known for its traditional catalog that were part of many families’ living rooms. But in 2014, it was close to bankruptcy, initiating an ambitious transformation plan to survive.

In 2018, La Redoute reborn from ashes back to profitability, with new business models, and offering a pure player user experience on the web. That transformation was powered by daily deliveries of the digital platform supported by more than 6500 automated tests.

But then, the rapid shift of the ecosystem to smartphones and mobile applications pushed the organization to pivot to an app-first strategy. That move challenged the existing foundations, raising questions on where to start, how to accelerate, and what to reuse?

This talk presents the experience of pivoting and maintaining a continuous testing strategy from web to an app-first model, sharing our learnings and actionable takeaways.


Passionate about digital, architecture, transformation with more than ten years of experience in the software industry in different positions as engineer, project director, engineering director, IT transformation, management and architecture. Convinced that transversal collaboration with a holistic and systemic approach to build valuable organizations.

Director of Architecture & Technology at La Redoute, building the preferred lifestyle and family platform at this international retail player of 1b€ annual sales volume. Co-founder of Cerberus Testing, the test automation platform 100% open-source available on GitHub. Partner at, a company dedicated to Software, Quality Engineering & Testing.

Founder and organizer of the QE Unit, the Quality Engineering community. Meetup organizer of TICE.Leiria, AKUG.PT, Ministry of Testing Leiria, co-founder and organizer of the architecture community Archilocus. Convinced by the power of communities to learn faster from shared experiences and solve similar problems to improve our ecosystem faster.

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