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Clash of the Titans: Cypress vs Playwright

“Clash of the Titans: Cypress vs Playwright”

Aleksandar Zeljković

In this session, I am going to dive into the capabilities of the two popular e2e testing frameworks: Cypress and Playwright. The comparison will cover technical specifications, documentation, setup, features, CI/CD integration, etc. The goal is to uncover the main differences and pros/cons of each framework and potentially help anyone who wants to make a decision between these e2e test automation frameworks.


Aleksandar is a software engineer on a mission to help development teams reach rapid delivery of high-quality software. His area of expertise is the development and implementation of test automation solutions, making sure that the product satisfies the highest functional, visual, and performance standards. Besides a passion for software development, he’s a fan of web technologies, protocols, and tools. He’s a tech writer and an occasional conference speaker, always open to discussing interesting technical topics.

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