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Testee: real examples and best practice for e2e testing

“Testee: real examples and best practice for e2e testing”

Sergei Stepanov

Selenium + Kotlin + TestNG + ReportNG => Testee.

Tiny and powerful framework for end to end test automation which allows to quickly jump into the world of QA.

One of his personal achievements: created from scratch an end-to-end automated test framework “Testee” which was seamlessly integrated into continuous build. Developed “reportNG” plugin for generating human-readable test reports with all details, screenshots of failed tests and clear error stack trace. Last year this approach allowed the company to save more than 200 man days for manual QA.


Sergei has more than 11 years experience of software development. Currently he is working as Senior Software Engineer/QA automation at ysura. During this long journey he took part in many different areas of software development using Java and Kotlin and QA automation.

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