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How to Log a Bug

“How to Log a Bug”

Kristin Jackvony

Did you know that how well you log a bug can influence how fast it gets fixed, or even if it gets fixed at all? No one likes it when a bug that they log gets closed by the developer with a “Cannot repro” note on it. In this talk, Kristin will talk about the five components that are essential to a well-logged bug, and the two optional components that can make fixing the bug easy. She’ll walk through a sample bug and show good and bad examples of logged bug details.


Kristin Jackvony is the author of the new book “The Complete Software Tester”, available through Amazon. She is a Principal Test Engineer at Paylocity. She is also a LinkedIn Learning Instructor (her course is “Postman Essential Training”), and she blogs regularly at “Think Like a Tester” (

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