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The long road to remove the flakiness from the Haura Console E2E tests

“The long road to remove the flakiness from the Haura Console E2E tests”

Stefano Magni

One year ago, the Hasura Console (the main UI that allows the users to consume the Hasura GraphQL Engine) had almost 200 E2E tests that gave false confidence. The reasons were

  1. Due to misconfiguration, the CI went green even if 25% of the E2E tests were constantly failing
  2. The E2E tests were not actively used by the developers
  3. The tech debt hit hard on the E2E tests too

Then the situation improved a bit because

  1. We identified the coding patterns to respect while writing the E2E tests and the tests in general
  2. We refactored a bunch of E2E tests
  3. We skipped the high flaky ones the Feature teams cannot rework at the moment
  4. We identified the CI misconfiguration that gave a false confidence

What do we still have to work on?

  1. To analyze, fix, and restore the 25% E2E tests we skipped
  2. To refactor the 95% of the tests that do not follow the new patterns

and a lot more things or to take a drastic decision and start from a clean slate!

I’m going to present our use case, the problems, the approaches, the possible future directions, etc.


Stefano Magni is a passionate Front-end Engineer, a speaker, and an instructor. He loves creating high-quality products, testing and automating everything, learning and sharing my knowledge, and helping people. He works remotely for Hasura.

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