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Every Engineer is a Quality Engineer - Our Android automation story

Every Engineer is a Quality Engineer - Our Android automation story

Aya Akl - Sergio Suárez Liñares

Most teams face several challenges related to their release process. In this scenario QA can be perceived as a potential bottleneck. One of the challenges is the time required for regression testing, which takes up 80% of the regression owner’s weekly workload. As regression is a weekly process, this can lead to a feeling of being in a continuous regression cycle. Also, there is a need for better visibility for both the design and QA teams over features that are in development or review. These challenges indicate a need for improvements in the QA process, such as identifying and addressing bottlenecks, finding ways to make regression testing more efficient, and improving communication and collaboration between teams during feature development and review.

At Flink (Last Mile) we decided to focus on automation.

Updating the Definition of Done (DoD). Automation is a team spirit where developers and quality people work together. Introducing functional UI Test based on screens. The goal is to run as many scenarios as quickly as possible. Including design as part of the review process. We will touch on the technologies and strategies used for automation (Jetpack Compose, Robot pattern, Network layer mocking, etc.).


Aya Akl is coming from the land of the pyramids. She is senior AQA at Flink and is a passionate tester and mobile test automation engineer. She loves exploring new technologies, sharing her experiences through tech writing and helping the testers community. Quality is her thing.

Sergio Suárez Liñares is an enthusiastic Android Engineer. Sergio loves exploring different business models and facing as many problems as possible.

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