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What the Fuzz? An introduction to Fuzz Testing

What the Fuzz? An introduction to Fuzz Testing

Joshua Grant

It all started on a dark, stormy night in Wisconsin…really! Fuzzing was created that night based on some random values being inputted incorrectly into a computer network system. Since then, fuzz testing or fuzzing has become a way to automatically test software with semi-random or “fuzzy” inputs to find security vulnerabilities and functional bugs. This talk will give some basic ideas of fuzzing, how it works and the kinds of issues that can be found with fuzzing, including some high profile examples like the Heartbleed bug from 2015 and the Log4J/Log4Shell vulnerability.


Hello, I’m Josh Grant. I’ve been working in test automation for over a decade, testing up and down the test automation pyramid. I am a Developer Advocate at Code Intelligence and currently reside in lovely Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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