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Eating our own cooking for quality assurance

Eating our own cooking for quality assurance

Vitaly Sharovatov

I will explore the concept of “dogfooding,” a practice where companies use their own products or services to understand them from a customer’s perspective. Originating from innovative companies like Apple, dogfooding has become a vital strategy for enhancing product quality.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding Dogfooding: Learn about the origins and rationality of dogfooding, and how it emerged as a useful practice
  • Problem-Solving through Dogfooding: Discover how dogfooding can be applied to problem-solving by improving the understanding of constraints and goals
  • Real-World Applications: Gain insights into how companies like 37signals, Apple, Microsoft, and Gitlab have implemented dogfooding practices. Understand how dogfooding reduces information loss and builds a strong foundation for problem-solving.
  • Psychology Of Work: Learn how Dogfooding helps in reducing ‘work alienation’ and fosters a culture of true engagement.
  • Implementing Dogfooding in Your Organization: Whether you’re considering a revolutionary change or a gradual evolution, I’ll provide guidance on how to implement dogfooding in your company’s processes and culture.
  • Limitations and Challenges: Understand the limits of applicability of dogfooding and recognize scenarios where it may not be suitable or might be challenging to implement.


Vitaly Sharovatov has a total of 22 years of experience in the IT field. He has spent 2 years as a system administrator, 13 years as a software developer with a focus on frontend, and 7 years in management, mentorship, and teaching roles. He specialized in working with individuals, engineers, communities, and companies to facilitate and encourage their success and growth.

Vitaly is a prominent speaker, he has given more than 40 talks on management and related topics.

Vitaly is currently a Developer Advocate at Qase, a modern test management platform.

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