Addressing the Testing Bottleneck

“ChatGPT takes on web development: from concept to launch”

Marcus Merrell and Titus Fortner

For many companies, testing is perceived as the primary limitation for being able to release software more frequently. Somehow, someone decides on a process or a set of requirements that designates a particular collection of code as ready for users. Evaluating everything manually is obviously too slow, but even when companies automate the testing process, things just shift to a different set of challenges that restrict velocity.

In this talk, join Marcus Merrell and Titus Fortner as they discuss how to better realize the promises of test automation on overall delivery throughput.

They will focus on three separate components:

  • Scaling test automation to get required information faster
  • Improving the information to get required confidence faster
  • Accounting for risk tolerance to know what confidence is required


As Vice President of Technology Strategy at Sauce Labs, Marcus uses experience from 20+ years in test to manage strategic technical alliances. Marcus works with external partners to build robust, customer-centric solutions around test automation, software architecture, and release management. With experience in gaming, eCommerce, marketing automation and nearly every part of the SDLC, Marcus enjoys sharing his expertise at conferences all over the world. He is also a member of the Selenium Project Leadership Committee. Marcus enjoys playing the piano, making robots, and living in San Francisco, CA.

Titus Fortner is an open source software developer and a core contributor to automated testing projects including Selenium and Watir. Titus implemented automated testing solutions at several companies before joining Sauce Labs as a Solutions Architect, where he has worked extensively with clients to improve their testing code and strategies. Currently a Senior Developer Advocate, Titus is passionate about building communities and improving the software industry’s understanding of how to successfully conduct testing at scale and provide digital confidence.

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Marcus Merrell and Titus Fortner