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Electron App Testing with WebdriverIO + JS Unit Testing with Reflection & GPT-4

Automated Testing of Electron Apps using WebdriverIO

ElectronJS has risen to prominence as a preferred framework for creating native desktop applications that are pivotal to business operations. Applications such as Slack, Figma, and Microsoft Teams have become integral components of our professional productivity suite. Consequently, when these applications experience downtime or exhibit glitches, the repercussions on our productivity are significant.

Testing ElectronJS applications presents a unique set of challenges for developers and QA teams. With Electron’s ability to create cross-platform desktop apps, ensuring consistent functionality across different operating systems becomes crucial. Additionally, Electron-specific elements and interactions further complicate the testing process. Moreover, many struggle with the initial setup and integration of testing tools like WebdriverIO into their ElectronJS development workflow.

In this talk, Christian Bromann - Software Developer at Ionic, aims to demystify testing ElectronJS applications using WebdriverIO. He will provide attendees with a solid foundation in both ElectronJS application development and WebdriverIO testing. He’ll explore ElectronJS fundamentals, including main and renderer processes, platform compatibility, and Electron-specific features. Simultaneously, he’ll delve into WebdriverIO basics, covering setup and writing effective test scripts specific for ElectronJS applications.

Unit Testing Javascript with Reflection & GPT-4

Join Arvind Naidu, a dedicated JavaScript enthusiast and Engineering Leader at Drivewealth, for a revolutionary talk on “Unit Testing JavaScript with Reflection and GPT-4”. With ten side hustles always on the go, Arvind’s passion for innovation has led him to explore the intersection of Large Language Models (LLMs) in Quality Assurance (QA). In this session, he’ll unveil a novel approach to crafting unit tests for JavaScript functions. Prepare to dive into the world of live coding as Arvind guides you through the process of writing tests for a diverse range of functions, showcasing the power and potential of reflection and the latest advancements in AI with GPT-4.


6:00pm - Socialize, Eat, Drink

6:30pm - Opening Remarks

6:45pm - Automated Testing of Electron Applications using WebdriverIO

7:15pm: Unit Testing Javascript with Reflection and GPT-4

7:45pm - Open mic (share projects, events, jobs)

About the Speakers

Christian Bromann is a Senior Software Engineer at Ionic working on the Stencil team. He’s a W3C Invited Expert in the Browser Testing and Tools Working Group. Cross Project Council member at the OpenJS Foundation representing WebdriverIO. Open Source and Open Standards Advocate. You can always find him writing Open Source code. Check out some of these projects on his GitHub profile. Always looking out 👀 for contributions.

Arvind Naidu is a fervent advocate for JavaScript and a multitasker who juggles ten side projects alongside his main role. At Drivewealth, he takes the lead in engineering while delving into the exciting applications of Large Language Models in Quality Assurance. With a keen eye for detail and a love for coding, Arvind is always on the lookout for innovative methods to enhance development workflows. His current interest lies in leveraging GPT-4 to improve testing methodologies, which he’s eager to share with fellow developers and enthusiasts.