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API automation in C# with RestAssured .Net

“API automation in C# with RestAssured .Net”

Bas Dijkstra

REST Assured has been a popular API testing library in the Java ecosystem for years. Until recently, however, there has not been a library that provides a similar DSL and ease of use in the .NET ecosystem. Combine that with me looking for a project to help me sharpen my developer skills, and you get why RestAssured.Net was created. In this talk / live coding demo, you’ll see how to get started with RestAssured.Net for writing tests for your HTTP-based APIs, as well as some of its most useful features. I’ll also tell you a bit about my experiences in writing, publishing, and maintaining an open-source library, and you’ll get a glimpse of what’s coming up next for RestAssured.Net.


Bas Dijkstra is an independent test automation consultant and trainer. He has been active in the test automation field for some 17 years now, and has worked on software testing and automation solutions across a wide range of programming languages, frameworks and technology stacks. He has delivered test automation training to dozens of companies and hundreds of conference attendees in the Netherlands as well as abroad, to excellent reviews.

You can find a complete overview of his professional life on my LinkedIn profile. If you want to get in touch, you can reach out with his contact form, or send him an email at ` He is also the developer of RestAssured.Net, a library that is meant to make writing tests for HTTP APIs in C# a breeze.

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