Saucing Up AI Testing: Leveraging OSS for Testing AI Based Applications

“Saucing Up AI Testing: Leveraging OSS for Testing AI Based Applications”

Join us for this in-person meeting to network and discuss leveraging open source tools for testing AI based applications with Robin Gupta, VP of Engineering at Provar.

Did you realize that the secret sauce in testing AI based applications, was AI? In this hands on session, we will explore open source tools to automate the testing of LLM based applications. So that regression cycles can be accelerated and LLM based applications are tuned to your taste.


Robin is a versatile Engineering leader with more than 15 years of experience in software delivery across startups, scale-ups and enterprises. With a metrics-driven approach, he has elevated engineering maturity of Dev/QA/DevOps teams for diverse domains such as BFSI, EdTech, Retail, and Developer Experience. Experienced in multiple tech stacks, Robin’s hands-on leadership style drives results. Beyond work, he mentors at ADPList and Plato, contributes to open-source projects like Selenium, created TestZeus (the only open-source test automation framework for Salesforce), and has authored courses. He is also recognized as a speaker at international events such as Dreamforce (by Salesforce) and Selenium Conference. Balancing responsibilities as a dad at home and M.O.M (Manager of Managers) at office, Robin excels in both personal and professional realms. His details can be found at:

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