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Going From Zero to 2,000 Automated Tests At A Startup

“Going From Zero to 2,000 Automated Tests At A Startup”

Dennis Martinez

Startups have to move fast if they want to survive, but that speed often comes at the expense of quality. As someone who’s worked at startups for over 20 years, I frequently see less time spent on testing on these teams. But what about not having any automated testing processes while struggling to launch? In this talk, I’ll share how I helped a startup quickly establish a solid testing foundation for their soon-to-be-launched product to get them to deliver a high-quality application and the journey we went through to get from zero automated test cases to over 2,000 in a few months without sacrificing speed or quality.


Dennis Martinez is a freelance automation tester and DevOps engineer living in Osaka, Japan. He has over 20 years of professional experience working at startups in New York City, San Francisco, and Tokyo. Dennis also maintains Dev Tester, writing about automated testing and test automation to help you become a better tester. You can also find him on LinkedIn and his website.

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